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Plumbing emergencies suck! And we could handle themselves if we let our pride do the talking, but let’s face it, sometimes we need help, and it is good to have a plumber on speed dial especially when our kids continue to see if Barbie or hulk will flush to another dimension.

Tacoma Plumbing Guide brings you informative articles and local research on plumbers in the Tacoma area. It sucks when some of us are already counting for every dollar and cent and then unexpected emergencies happen and we have no choice but to shell out of our wallet again. Trust us, we have been there which is why we started this guide.

We will continue to provide articles and Tacoma plumbing reviews and will make sure to bring you the best research to help you with the right decision.

When it comes to plumbing there are many DIY articles and tips to help you handle any emergency that comes your way, and yes including the ones caused by the toy of the week your child decided to put in the toilet.

Preventing plumbing disasters

Often times plumbing disasters can be prevented. Something we did a week ago could be the cause of the disaster we are now experiencing. Drain cleaning is something we should do regularly to keep our pipes cleared out as much as possible.

Cleaning out gunk, hair, and particles from our soaps and shampoos can save us from having a blockage, use a straightened out coat hanger to bring up the hair from your sink and bathtub drain.

If there is a blockage in one of your sinks, grab a plunger and plunge the sink and often times that does the trick.

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