Tips on drain cleaning and preventing clogs.

Drain cleaning TacomaDrain cleaning tip for Sink and Toilet.

It happened again, your eight-year-old has been using too much toilet paper and the toilet is clogged and you’ve been plunging for the last ten minutes with no luck.

Hot tip: Pour a hot bucket of water into the toilet. An article was recently written about this and I personally have tried it numerous times before finding out that it was a thing. Read the article to unclog the toilet.

Drain cleaning for sink tips: Oh man this sucks, you’re trying to wash your hands, and the water is steadily building up in the sink and you don’t want to hassle your landlord to come over and you dread having to call a plumber, well, here is your free tip.

A plunger is not only for a toilet, it can be your best friend for the sink, try plunging your sink drain before giving up in frustration. This wikiHow article on sink plunging holds an 84%.

Drain cleaning in Tacoma

There are plenty of DIY tips all over the internet and you are more than welcome to try the ones you feel comfortable with, however, if you’re not comfortable with pouring natural products into your drain, it is understandable, and we recommend you to check out our Tacoma plumbers section.