Bob Larson Plumbing Tacoma Reviews

Bob Larson plumbingBob Larson Plumbing Reviews.

Bob Larson plumbing is a company located in Tacoma, serving the greater Tacoma area.

Reasons to choose them as your plumbing solution, full price upfront, which means you won’t be pacing back and forth wondering how much you’re going to be charged – trust, we all hate that feeling.

Other reasons to choose Bob Larson plumbing…

They offer written guarantees, which means you’ll have what was communicated to you and the plumber in writing, which is a big plus.

On-time service is proudly mentioned on their website, so when you schedule your appointment, you can expect them on time.

I love this, however, I do know sometimes being late is inevitable with any business, but their customer service element is huge on their website.

Their employees are clean cut and presentable.

Bob Larson plumbing services offered

Bob Larson Plumbing offers many services including…

Tacoma Plumbing and Heating, helping customers choose the right water heater, including, repair and installing.

Drain Cleaning, unclogging drains can be a pain in the butt as we all know and have experience.

Bathroom Fixtures, including installing, maintaining and of course, repairing.

Outdoor, including water faucets and fixtures.

Frozen pipes which can bring on serious problems.

Additional Bob Larson Plumbing Information.

You can contact them at 253-475-8440. Visit their website.

Business hours are Mon – Fri 8 am -4 pm, however, they do offer 24-hour emergency services.

Address: 4320 128th Street E
Tacoma, WA 98446

They won Angie’s list super service award in 2015.

Articles on their website…

If you’re interested in finding out more information on plumbing you can read some of their articles

Their Tacoma Plumbing Reviews…

Currently, on google, they hold 4.1 out of five stars on google with 33 reviews.

On Yelp, they hold a 3.5 out of five with 23 reviews.

Bonus: On the BBB website their ratings are 4.3/5 out of 2 reviews.

Final thoughts….

When it comes to choosing a plumbing company, it can be nerve-wracking because you want to make the best choice and know that you are getting your money’s worth.

So, our hope is that our Tacoma plumbing guide has helped you in making the best-informed decision.

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