Emergency Plumber

Emergency plumber tacomaEmergency plumbing in Tacoma.

Oh crap! Literally oh crap, you’re having to plunge out your toilet, or there is crap in the kitchen pipes and everything you’re trying to do is not working. So you trudge dreadfully to the phone, knowing you’ll going to have to open up your checkbook.

This is where Tacoma plumbing guide comes in, we know how hard it is to have unexpected expenses and we want to recommend the best plumbers in the Tacoma Area.

Emergency plumbers in Tacoma.

We’ve all seen those trucks with the slogan “Stop freakin, Call Beacon” and according to their plumbers Tacoma reviews on google, they hold a 4.2 Rating and on yelp 3/5 stars.

Beacon Plumbing: Address 1907 105th st S Tacoma WA 98444. Phone 253-655-4599. Opened 24 hours.

All Purpose Plumbing: Address 5433 S M St, Tacoma WA 98408. Phone 253-473-5100. Opened 24 hours. Their plumbers Tacoma reviews on google are a 4.6 and on yelp a 3/5 Stars. Slogan “Service ALL about YOU!”

DIY Tacoma Emergency plumbing tips

When you’re having an unexpected plumbing disaster it is easy to get caught up and want to run to the phone and dial the nearest Tacoma Plumbing Company. However, we want you to breathe before you dial that number.

Access the situation and see if you really need someone to come out to your home immediately or if it can wait. Even if it can’t wait, knowing how to handle the situation at hand can prevent further damage.

Some steps to take…

  1.  Access the damage
  2. Start removing personal items even those away from the water in case the water continues to spread.
  3. Don’t panic, unless you do your best thinking under pressure.

Before you call a 24 hour Tacoma plumber, read the spruce plumbing article to make sure that you did everything in your power.

Plumbing emergencies are overwhelming, but we don’t always have to be powerless, just knowing some steps to take can give us some reassurance that everything is going to work out in the end.