Tacoma Plumbing Tips for the Holiday Season.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone from Tacoma Plumbing!

The turkey is in the oven, pies are smelling good, stuffing prepared, cranberry sauce in the dish, ham with pineapple rings and cherries, and you’re three dishes away from finishing up and suddenly your sink is clogged and you’re in overtime panic mode because the relatives are coming.

What could have gone wrong? How did the sink go from being a helpful resource to being a complete nuisance?

Tacoma Plumbing tips on keeping your kitchen plumbing clear.

When it comes to your kitchen disposal, it’s like a vacuum it is not meant to take in everything. We love to think our home appliances are durable, bulletproof and strong and that anything we throw at them will not destroy them.

However, as annoying as it is, we still have to be careful of what we put down the kitchen sink even when we are in a hurry.

Food Items to keep away from your kitchen drain.


Photo Peels.


Pasta, Rice, and Photo Peels can affect the water flow by turning to goo causing a blockage within the pipes. Pasta and Rice continue to expand even after cooked.

Of course, fat, grease, and oil.

Turkey bones, yes including the wishbone.

Leftover celery and asparagus from your stuffing.

Coffee grounds, we understand we all need coffee in the morning while doing our cooking and some of us are daredevils and go out for a night in town for Black Friday shopping, but you’re only asking for trouble if the remnants from your morning pick me up end up down the sink drain.

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