Women Plumbers: Is it weird for a woman to become a plumber?

Women plumbingCan women become plumbers in Tacoma?

Yes, women can become plumbers no matter the city or state they live in. Is plumbing mostly male dominated? Yes, but so are many other fields that women are breaking into.

We think it is cool to teach our daughters and young girls about plumbing so they can rely on themselves if they choose to, why should it only be for the boys and men?

Breaking barriers: Why not become a Tacoma plumber?

Women are breaking barriers, literally, making their path and history at the same time, putting food on their table with hard labor and feeling great about it.

Women are finding rewarding, high wage, high skill careers as plumbers, pipefitters, welders and HVACR technicians and are part of an ever-growing union.

Tacoma Plumbing: How to get into the field.

In order to become a plumber in Washington State, you must first become a trainee and get a certificate and work with a certified plumber.

You must renew your certification every year and pass an exam to become a journey or specialty plumber.

An additional 8hours of approved continuing education per a year is also required.

To learn more, visit here

Tacoma Plumbing: And Mental Toughness in a male-dominated field.

Our piece advice is for you to kick-ass and do not worry about who you are surrounded by, women break barriers every day and get up and take care of their families and livelihood.

If plumbing is what you want to do, go for it and don’t look back. Don’t overthink it, and just make it happen.

Tacoma Plumbing Wages: How much can you earn?

According to salary.com, a plumber can earn up to $66,206 a year as of January 2nd, 2018, not bad if you ask us! Check out more on their report by visiting here


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